We are a group of Stouffville area writers and photographers who spark off each other creatively, and support the photographic ethos on this site's "About" page. Namely, we share a passion for the image and for preserving Stouffville's history. We try to support our community through photography projects -- gallery shows, talks, and, displays.

ThePassingShow has no executive or officers. And, big surprise, no membership convener either. But we still manage to enjoy several dozen photo excursions each year, and do group projects such as two recent gallery exhibitions, and a photo history display in conjunction with the Town Library. We promote the art of photography by:

  • Taking pictures and videos for their own enjoyment
  • Learning from and encouraging each other
  • Creating photographic and multi-media shows for viewing by others
  • Documenting our community, architecture, customs, lifestyle and events

If you think you want to share in the fun, check our calendar tab on this site for "when" and "where" and send us an email. We'll fill you in on what is happening.