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Secord Forest and Wildlife AreaLands owned by the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) within the Duffins Creek watershed (totaling 23.3 km 2 ) are currently used for a variety of purposes including conservation, education, recreation, forestry and agriculture. For details see

The Secord Forest and Wildlife area is comprised of 93 hectares (230 acres) of ecologically sensitive land. The property also includes a barn, a pet cemetery, three ponds, and a mixture of wooded areas, wetlands and open fields. The largest pond is a dominant feature on the property and is maintained by the dam on the West Duffins Creek at the pond outlet

It is not well promoted but numerous links can be found by Googling the name.

The parking lot on Secord Road can be found on Google Maps at 44.017796, -79.182462.
Secord Forest and Wildlife AreaWelcome to Secord ForestSeed podsPic of Sig Taking a PictureDam from above, left and right banks.Snow knocked off branches by the windSecord Pond - Overnight IceSecord Forest and Wildlife AreaSecord Pong - Overnight IceControl Valve For SomethingBarkless TreesSecord Pong - Overnight IceTree TextureVillage Scene in Pet CemetaryCatching a Log

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