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One of the goals of the TPS was to preserve the history of Stouffville. Let's resurrect this and get everyone out taking pictures of some aspect of history. It doesn’t need to be old buildings but could be tools, farm implements, toys etc from yesteryear. One additional part of the challenge is to also provide a short description on the what was photographed. The description would go into the Caption for the picture. There are plenty of resources on-line to help.
The picture can be from anywhere.
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  • Markham Heritage Estates. Heritage Estates is a sanctuary of last resort for threatened historic houses. The neighbourhood includes 26 lovingly restored private heritage homes. There are on-line descriptions of the homes as well as plaques around the community.
  • Heritage Properties from York County to York Region. (scroll down) Learn about York Region's history by exploring the heritage properties telling stories of the families who lived and worked here, the businesses and industries supporting the communities and the prevalent architectural styles of the time.
  • Indigenous Peoples. I know we’ve seen some displays at museums but I can’t find anything major in terms of something like a recreated village this side of Saint Marie Among the Hurons. If anyone has information of local recreations, please share.
Kodak Junior Six-16 Series II (1937)Marmill Feeds (Past)Marmill Feeds (Past)Marmill Feeds (Present)Aerial view of old Marmill siteUsed to be a Barn   ( on 9th Line, south of Bloomington)Ghost Mansion  (on 9th Line NORTH of Bloomington)Vandorf Road west of Hwy 48Shoe repair on MainSt. John's Anglican Church (1816/1845)Ambrose Nobel House  (PAST)The move from the original siteNE corner of #48 & 16th Ave. (Present)New location in Markham Estates (Present)The Beckett Farm (Past)Beckett farm at NE corner of Kennedy Rd.&16th ave. (Present)Farm entrance off 16th ave. (Past)What was the farm driveway (Present)Looking east from driveway along 16th to churchLooking east from driveway along 16th to church (Present)

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