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Challenge Rules
1. Pictures must have been taken since Nov 6 2020. The idea is to create new photos for the challenge.
2. Shadows or silhouettes or combination. They should be a significant component of the picture e.g. Not just a picture that happens to have shadows.
3. No restrictions on location
4. Submit up to 3 silhouette and/or 3 shadow (total 6) photo's by Friday, Nov 27th, 11:59 PM

There are number of resources online to help in formulating your picture
Mary - Elliptical Illusion - ShadowMary - Dutch Girl Reflecting Light - Shadow/SilhouetteMary - Elizabethan Curls - Shadow/SilhouetteMary - The Tiff - SilhouetteMary - Thinking of Portugal - ShadowMary - Blue/Black Fakery - Shadowreflecting bench casting'spods and shadowSciophobiaCandy CanesShadows in the ForestMy Shadow in the ForestWreath Door Hanger with ShadowPhoenix and its shadowSanta with a Child and shadowPosts at the Old Mill and shadowPine Lake Silhouettes-SigPine Lake Morning-SigMuskoka Sunrise-SigShadow Background-Sig

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