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The Niagra Falls Butterfly Conservator ( is part of the Niagara Falls Botanical just north of downtown Niagara Falls Ontario. There is a short informative video, when you start your tour, which describes the history of the conservatory, their breeding program, and the short life span of the butterflies on display.

They hold butterflies from around the world. For each butterfly, I've shown it's common name and something about it's habitat and/or range where it is found.
Atlas MothBlue Morpho  Butterfly ( brown underside with eye spots)ClipperCydno LongwingGray CrackerGreat Mormon ButterflyGreat Orange Tip ButterflyJulia ButterflyMalachite ButterflyMexican Longwing ButterflyOrange Tiger ButterflyOwl butterfly (emerging)Owl butterfly on BrendaPink Cattleheart ButterflyPsyche ButterflyRed Postman ButterflyRuby-Spotted SwallowtailTiger Longwing ButterflyVariable CrackerZebra Longwing Butterfly

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