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Challenge Rules
1. Pictures should have been take since Nov 27th.
2. The subject can be either the door itself or doorway but there needs to be some sort of door in the picture.
3. Can be indoor or outdoor
4. Submit up to 3 photo's by Friday Dec 18th.
Doors; we all use them but have we ever stopped to really look at them? Some doors are spectacular on their own. Some have unique knobs, locks and/or hinges.
Some doors have special purposes; pet doors, coal shutes (if you can find one), delivery doors, car doors, toy doors etc.
At this time of year, some have decorations either directly on the door or around it.
Rustic EntranceFestive WelcomingGarden GatewayDoor to The UnknownDoor of the past-Davidwaiting for a building-DavidIt all hinges on this-DavidCome into my Mill-DavidI'll be right back-DavidDoorsDoor to Outside ComfortCars or Carriages?Mary - Community Centre Back DoorHouse of GodDoorway to Eternal Rest    (Mausoleum)A Stouffville MansionCome in Out of the ColdSomebody's Ready for Christmas!Welcome to our WonderlandThis Way to Toyland

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