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What did you first see that made you think spring has finally arrive? Was it a bud on a tree? First shoot of a flower poking up through the ground? First robin? First birds nest? Sitting outside for your first morning coffee? First outdoor patio open?
First Tree Bud SeenPaintbrush flower?Bloodroot FlowerHello Spring !Forsythia MorningA Crocus BlazeBlue Sky ReflectionsBudding In The LightBush With BlossomsFirst Spring Bouquet (flowers purchased)Springtime is here!Springtime in the RockeryBudding TrilliumsLawn CrocusWoodland White Flower"Four Little Crocus Stranding in a Line"Pussy Willow, at the PondDaffodils & Forget me Notsafrican dasiesmore dasies

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