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Aspen Country RoadFall in the Grand TetonsBald EagleBison in Dawn LightBison near Thermal VentBison at SunriseMale Black BearBison at DawnMoulton Family CabinCoyote HuntingCross FoxDawn in Yellowstone ParkMule DeerPacific Red SquirrelBeaver kit and MomElk LoveFall 2015 Workshop MembersOld Texaco Gas PumpGreat Horned OwlGrizzly Bear Cub

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Guestbook for Yellowstone Park and Grand Tetons
Bryan Marjoram(non-registered)
Ed, I thoroughly enjoyed viewing your images from Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Your wildlife shots were quite unique and your landscape photos reflected the vast beauty of this area. I particularly enjoyed some of the vibrant skies in your images.
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